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Life Skills

Written by Mya Jones ESM week is a wonderful opportunity to learn new things and explore subjects that the students are interested in. The junior high students had the opportunity to learn some important life skills taught by three of our teachers, Mrs. Brooks, Mr. Harding, and Mrs. Pickens. I had the privilege to talkContinue reading “Life Skills”


Written by Nathan Fear ESM week was and is one of the most cherished events at LCA. The very thought of going to school and not having to do the same old routine brings about joy in students. Some students choose to go on trips or take on campus classes; however, there is a goodContinue reading “Practicum”

Spice House

Written by Andrew Riddle ESM Week at Legacy Christian Academy is always a welcome change in the everyday schedule for secondary students. The biggest class of the week was Mrs. Baskar’s dive into eastern culture, Eastern Culinary Skills. During the week, students would take virtual tours of Mrs. Baskar’s homeland of Bahrain and other easternContinue reading “Spice House”


Written by Payton Burdette Visiting Washington D.C. is semi-annual tradition for the junior higher students at LCA. Questions remain about whether the D.C. trip will occur this summer; however, that did not stop Mr. Thigpen’s class from learning all about Washington D.C. They spent the week learning about the city, its history, and everything thatContinue reading “DC”


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