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Grad Parties

Written by Nathan Fear As the seniors count down there last few days in high school, many of them have graduation parties planned for either themselves or with other fellow seniors. Due to all of the seniors having graduation parties, the calendar shortly after graduation is usually packed with different graduations. The earliest graduation toContinue reading “Grad Parties”

Student Senate

Written by Maria Uszynski As the 2020-21 school year comes to an end, we look forward to start planning the upcoming school year. Every year there is a handful of students that run for their student class senate. At LCA, students can enter in as a candidate by submitting a short speech and a paperContinue reading “Student Senate”

Senior Trip was Fun

Written by Justis Frazey This year the senior class of Legacy Christian Academy went on a 3-day vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and did all kinds of fun activities. The first day of the trip the class went go-kart racing, which senior Alan Brads labeled his “favorite part of the trip.” After that, the classContinue reading “Senior Trip was Fun”

Spring Chicken Salad Recipe

              Spring has sprung, bringing with it the perfect picnic weather! This chicken salad, flavored with fresh dill and parsley, is simple yet tasty. It can be served on its own, with toppings of your choice, or on sweet croissants—whatever you love most! This salad can easily be packed and enjoyed outdoors with family andContinue reading “Spring Chicken Salad Recipe”


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