It’s a White House Christmas

Written by Elijah Smith Although the White House has cancelled all public visits due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Christmas is still in full swing. As is customary, First Lady Melania Trump once again oversaw the planning and decorating of the White House grounds. This is not the first time Mrs. Trump has overseen variousContinue reading “It’s a White House Christmas”

2020 Presidential Election

Written by Elijah Smith Since the foundation of the United States of America, one of the staples of the Unites States government has been the quadrennial election of the president. The United States is unique in that they use a system of electing the president that is unlike any other system in the world. WhereasContinue reading “2020 Presidential Election”

Stopped Before she Started

Written By Elijah Smith Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Amy Acton was the face of Ohio’s response to the virus. When other states and their respective public health officials were struggling with how to address the health crisis, Dr. Acton declared, “I don’t want you to be afraid. I am not afraid. I am determined.” Under Dr. Acton’s leadership, the state took unprecedented actionsContinue reading “Stopped Before she Started”


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