Tennis is Fun!

Written by Andrew Riddle

This tennis season has been full of fun. With lots of new members to the team and energetic coaches Teresa Day and Tim Marvin, the team has been able to make memories and improve greatly this year. When asked about this season, first year player and junior star Maria Uszynski said, “This season has been quite an experience. I’ve never played tennis before, but I have really improved and had lots of fun!”

Junior Alex Stanley says the highlight of his year was when he pulled out the lone win of the season. When interviewed about the win, his teammates said, “We don’t even remember who he beat, it was just awesome to cheer him on to victory and have a really good time!”

The team ended their season on Tuesday, May 11th, when they were defeated in the sectional tournament at Centerville High School. Even though the team’s success was not reflected in their record, the improvement from the beginning of the season to the end of the season was immense.

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