Student Senate

Written by Maria Uszynski

As the 2020-21 school year comes to an end, we look forward to start planning the upcoming school year. Every year there is a handful of students that run for their student class senate. At LCA, students can enter in as a candidate by submitting a short speech and a paper of approval by a teacher. Then at class meetings each student will give their speech for the other students to listen to. The class will then vote on who they believe the best candidate would be as “President”. Then based on the votes each person below the president will then be put into a different position like President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Chaplen.

For our rising JH, 7th grade class they have chosen Justin Graves as their president. The 7th grades’ other leaders are Faith Hammerstrom, Sparrow Ehlers, and Autumn Alport.

For the 8th grade, Brooklyn Hager was voted president. Jacob Thompson and Micah Smith amake up the rest of the senate for that class.

For the rising high schoolers, the freshman class voted Allison Graves as president. Justin Harphant, David Norris, Zoe Erickson, and Stephanie Wharton will follow up with their respective positions.

For the sophomore class, Benjamin Rodriguez will serve as president and Stephen Bachowski, Nate Hess, Ariel Brandt, and Moira Ackenhausen are the sophomore class leaders.

For the Juniors, Boede Campbell was elected president, along with Gabby Hager, Nate Gibbs, Anna Angel, and Ethan Cooper.

And last but not least, in the Senior class, Abby Newell will be the class president. Immanuel and Logan Attisano filling in the other positions.

We look forward to the new styles of leadership these students will bring to their classes.

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