Senior Trip was Fun

Written by Justis Frazey

This year the senior class of Legacy Christian Academy went on a 3-day vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and did all kinds of fun activities. The first day of the trip the class went go-kart racing, which senior Alan Brads labeled his “favorite part of the trip.” After that, the class split into groups of at least 3 and toured different parts of the local area. Some groups went into Gatlinburg while others stayed close. Charlie Luke, another senior on the trip, went with his group to a trampoline park, and liked it so much that he called it “the best decision of the day.”

The next day, the class went to an Outdoor Gravity Park, which is a place where three or less people are put into a big inflatable ball with water in it that goes down a hill. This was one of Abby Harmon’s favorite parts. The plan after that was to go to the cabin and eat lunch then go into Great Smoky Mountains National Park; however, the plan went sideways due to weather. There had been rain off and on throughout the trip, but it was especially bad on the second day. Mr. Brads, the teacher who was in charge of the trip, called and audible due to the fact that the road to the park was closed and the class went to a local diner instead. It was there that one of Justis Frazey’s favorite parts of the trip of the trip happened, when Jim Mo ate a “burger the size of three big burgers, tomato soup, fries, and half of a humongous chocolate cake.”

The weather wasn’t the only unexpected twist of the trip. On the second day the cabin had no water for part of the day, which was a contributing factor for why we left for Pigeon Forge that day. While the weather ruined certain plans for that day, the trip was very fun.

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