Grad Parties

Written by Nathan Fear

As the seniors count down there last few days in high school, many of them have graduation parties planned for either themselves or with other fellow seniors. Due to all of the seniors having graduation parties, the calendar shortly after graduation is usually packed with different graduations. The earliest graduation to be noted is Thomas Walquist and Josh McClain on May 22nd from 5-8pm. The next couple of graduation parties are Kathleen Ahner and Jonathan Riddle along with Charlie Luke. Kathleen’s starts at 5 without a set end time, while Jonathan and Charlie’s start a 6 and ends by 9. Following those the next day is Liz Miller’s from 4-7 and Emma Hess, Katie Leach, and Margaret Kensinger from 5:30pm to 9pm all on the 29th. On the 30th Alyssa Free is the only one having her graduation part from 1-4. The next day Alan Brads, Abby Harmon, and Caden Nelson are all having there party together from 2-4. The next graduation party is on June 5th and includes Aden, Payton, Emme, Danny, Nathan, Elijah, Josiah Entner, Justis, and TJ. This graduation party will take place from 8-11pm at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Following this graduation party, Duncan Clough will be having his party from 3-6:30 on the 6th. On the 12th the last graduation party includes Ty and Emma and is at 4 with no set end time. With all of these graduation parties happening, it’s almost impossible for someone to not have something to do during this graduation season.

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