Athletic Departments

Written by Mya Jones

Here at Legacy, we are beyond blessed to have two of the best athletic directors around. Mrs. Bev Moser and Mrs. Becky McCaskey go above and beyond what their job requires for the student athletes. Mrs. Moser has been the head Athletic Director at LCA for 6 years, but previously coached the girls varsity basketball team for 7 years. Mrs. McCaskey has been staff at Legacy for 11 years now and is the assistant athletic director. She said she came because her boys were enrolled here and the opportunity revealed itself.

The two had very similar answers to the questions I asked them. They both agreed that the best part of their job is the kids. “We do it for the kids and love seeing them improve in sports each season” Moser said. When asked about the worst part of their jobs they said with no hesitancy “the mean parents!” whom they have to deal with. There’s a lot to their job that we don’t think about. “I’m not an athlete as you can tell, but I love being creative.” McCaskey says. She is in charge of creating our uniform designs and creating social media posts about our athletics.

These ladies truly do want what’s best for our athletes and have our best interests at heart. Knowing that at all of our games that can look over and see them sitting on the sidelines cheering us on in the freezing rain means more than they know. Having a rough day at school or dealing with tough situations? Their office door is always open. These ladies will stop what they’re doing during work filled days to listen, give advice, and provide guidance to anyone who needs it. I asked, “What is one thing you would tell the person who eventually takes your position?” “It is not a 9:00 to 5:00 job! They have to be willing to put in extra hours, but to try to remember to not get too burnt out,” both agreed.

Thank you for everything you do for our students. You both will never truly know how much your work means to LCA families. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

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