Anna Angel

Written by Taylor Stanek

Anna Angel is a sophomore who joined the Legacy student body in seventh grade. Before coming to Legacy, she attended Arrowood Elementary and Warner Middle school. The biggest difference she has noticed since switching from public school to Christian school is the ability to pray and share God’s Word without being uncomfortable or being made to feel like an outsider. Anna is the second oldest of five children, and they have two goldendoodles, Murphy and Arlow.

Her favorite Bible verse is John 13:7 “Jesus replied, ‘you don’t understand now, but someday you will.’” She has too many favorite worship songs to choose just one, but her top two right now are Jireh and Refiner by Maverick City. When asked to share a bit about her testimony, Anna said, “I grew up in the church but did not become saved until I was twelve. Over the many years I would like to say my relationship with God has always been strong, but the end of my freshman year I grew distant from God, always doubting Him and always angry with Him. During quarantine I started to realize how broken this world is and how this world needs God. God used that to help me realize that I was broken and needed Him more than ever. Since then, I have been on fire for God. I’m not saying things got easy, in fact, they have gotten harder, but I live by John 13:7 as a reminder that God has control of my life.”

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