Senior Spotlight

Written by Mya Jones

I had the privilege of getting to talk to some LCA seniors, Katie Leach and Emma Hess. These two both participate in athletics here at Legacy. We talked about their experiences at Legacy. Emma has been at Legacy since first grade and Katie came in eighth grade from public school. We talked about the differences between being at private school for 12 years and the transition from from public to private school.

Emma said she feels as though she’s missed out on football games, and other athletic events that are “more hype” than many athletic events here at Legacy. “The biggest thing I’ve learned being here is how important it is to have a strong biblical view that you can take into real world settings” Hess says.

On the other hand, Katie transitioned from public to private school and has seen both settings. The biggest differences she has noticed are how strict the rules and dress code are, schoolwork is much harder, but most importantly there’s a much higher percentage of people here who truly are nicer. Both girls agreed that there is a good chance they’d be different people if they didn’t have the Christian based classrooms. Katie told me that she never really understood how important it is to know how to defend your views. People at public school just shout out random world views and opinions. She said, “I would just go along with it. Kids here at Legacy aren’t as quick to say their views if they’re different here because they feel as though they’ll get judged.

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