A Walk Down Memory Lane

Written by Nathan Fear

As seniors prepare to finish their high school careers with great rigor, the yearly senior timeline hangs next to their lockers to remind them of where they have been. The senior timeline is a yearly tradition that helps seniors look back at all the memories they made together through all of their schooling at LCA. Admittedly, the timeline is mainly for fun; however, it is always good to look back at all the good memories that have been made. It helps give seniors a source of motivation to finish strong and pursue their dreams and goals with all their hearts.

The content on the senior timelines usually includes when people joined the graduating class and, if applicable, when they left. On top of this there are also a plethora of quotes and events that mark key parts of the classes’ history. After all of the Seniors have finished making their contributions to the timeline it truly is a work of art. As the seniors look back at all of their “good old days” they had with each other, they start to set their eyes on what is next with a refreshed mindset.

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