Spice House

Written by Andrew Riddle

ESM Week at Legacy Christian Academy is always a welcome change in the everyday schedule for secondary students. The biggest class of the week was Mrs. Baskar’s dive into eastern culture, Eastern Culinary Skills. During the week, students would take virtual tours of Mrs. Baskar’s homeland of Bahrain and other eastern countries, learn to cook several different ethnic foods, and get to play outside in the beautiful weather.

To start each day, Mrs. Baskar gave a devotion and took her students on a virtual tour of a different eastern Asian country. Next, the students would split up into teams and look over the recipe for the day. Each team would make large portions of the meal for that day so that each student could have plenty for lunch and still have leftover to share with other classes around the school. As the students cooked lunch, teachers and students from all classes around the school would stop by the classroom to see from where the great smell was coming.

Around noon each day, the students would get to enjoy their eastern meals. From dhal curry to falafel, the meals brought diversity to each and every student’s taste buds. After lunch, the students took a walk around campus and then played outside with the football, soccer ball, and even had a nerf gun war. When asked about her thoughts on the class, sophomore Anna Angel said, “It was so fun to hang out with friends and learn about how other cultures are so different from us. I really enjoyed all the food and I am really glad I took this class!”

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