Written by Nathan Fear

ESM week was and is one of the most cherished events at LCA. The very thought of going to school and not having to do the same old routine brings about joy in students. Some students choose to go on trips or take on campus classes; however, there is a good chunk of students that choose to do a practicum. The idea behind practicums is that the students get to see the everyday routine of a profession or occupation that they might have interest in. This will ideally give them a better grasp of what career they would like to choose. At the end of this weeklong practicum the students must write a paper on what they have learned/taken away from the experience.

When asked about his experience Jacob Thompson said, “I found it very helpful”. For his practicum Jacob shadowed two different students at two different colleges. During these shadows, Jacob got to see the average school day of a college student at the school for his degree. He also got to meet different professors that he would have for various classes. Although this isn’t the most traditional approach to ESM week, it is still a very good option as there is no longer a college visit option for esm week. In response to my question, do you feel more prepared for college, Jacob said, “I do feel a lot more prepared to choose my college, and that degree.” Although most of the student’s choice to practicum doctors or nurses or any other profession, there is still a wide variety of students that choose to see what a life outside of college degrees. This is why practicums during ESM week are very popular and helpful to students.

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