Life Skills

Written by Mya Jones

ESM week is a wonderful opportunity to learn new things and explore subjects that the students are interested in. The junior high students had the opportunity to learn some important life skills taught by three of our teachers, Mrs. Brooks, Mr. Harding, and Mrs. Pickens. I had the privilege to talk to a few students who were in this class.

John is a 7th grader at LCA and gave me some insight into his ESM week. John said that the most interesting thing he learned was how to start a fire. His favorite part of the week was throwing tomahawks and on top of that being able to do it with his friends.

Another 7th grade student Travis, who was in the life skills course as well, said the most important thing he learned was also how to build a fire and finding the materials needed. Travis said this was important because you never know when those skills will come in handy. He emphasized that he liked being able to participate in friendly competitions throughout the week with his friends and fellow classmates.

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