Hospitality and Event Planning

This year, Mrs. Abigail O’Neel taught a Biblical Hospitality and Event Planning class. Mrs. O’Neel, the study hall teacher, said that she was most excited to “chat about theology and to consider what the Bible says about hospitality with the girls.” Two of the nine girls who took the class shared a little about their week with me. Hailey Roe said, “I learned how to be very hospitable towards everyone who comes into my life! I learned the true meaning of being hospitable, how to arrange flowers, cook and bake for others, set tables, and much more! It was my first time ever experiencing ESM week, and overall, I loved it so much! It was all amazing, but my favorite part was being with such wonderful friends of mine!” Caroline Kensinger shared, “I really learned how much hospitality ties into the Christian walk . . . how when you are hosting someone, it isn’t about you or how you appear, it is all about making the company comfortable, and how much Jesus is the greatest example of hospitality. Through his death on the cross, he welcomed sinners and gave up everything so that we may join him. My favorite part was probably preparing for the brunch we did by making food and flowers.” Mrs. O’Neel recounted that her favorite part of the week was also the Garden Party Brunch.

At the end of the week, the girls threw a brunch for their female teachers. They thoroughly enjoyed practicing what they had learned throughout the week by planning, hosting, and making food for the event. Many of the teachers attended and had a wonderful time! Mrs. Amy Pickens said, “It was lovely. The food was amazing, the table decor was beautiful, and the gifts were personalized and thoughtful. My favorite part was seeing how all their hard work came together to create a beautiful venue and they all looked beautiful.” Overall, the girls in the Hospitality and Event Planning class had a lot of fun and got a lot accomplished.

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