The Drama King

Written by Taylor Stanek

Mr. Alexander Shaeffer is the Junior High Language Arts and High School American Literature teacher this year. He has taught Junior High English for four years. “I love the relationships that are built between student and teacher,” he said when asked about his favorite part of teaching.

Mr. Shaeffer’s birthday is March 15. He grew up in Xenia and attended Xenia Christian until his graduation in 2013. After high school, he went to Bob Jones University and graduated in the spring of 2017. Mr. Shaeffer has nine siblings, seven of whom are married, and seventeen nieces and nephews.

When asked for his testimony, Mr. Shaeffer said, “I was six when I accepted Christ as my Savior . . . Although I did accept Christ into my heart at that time, a mission trip to Jamaica during my sophomore year of high school pushed me to take my salvation seriously.”

Mr. Shaeffer also works with the LCA Drama department, directing fall play Bridge of Blood and helping with both the junior high play, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and the Spring musical Annie. He is definitely a great asset to the LCA family.

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