Cedarville’s Loss is LCA’s Gain

Written by Maria Uszynski

Natalie Strickle is one of this year’s new students at LCA. She grew up going to Greenview from preschool to 6th grade, and Cedarville from 7th to 8th grade. When choosing to go to a different school, Natalie was looking for a new start and a healthier environment. With her dad’s close connection to varsity girls basketball coach Mark Combs, she was able to get in contact with Legacy’s excellent program.

In light of her new beginnings came new experiences. Natalie also joined the volleyball team. She became close with all the girls and met many new people. Then the basketball season began. She says that she has enjoyed every second of getting to spend time with the girls. She is now looking forward to joining the softball team in the spring. She also plays AAU basketball outside of school.

Natalie attends Cedarville United Presbyterian church and is very involved. She attends the youth group weekly and also sings for the praise band. She also likes to be involved with the many food drives that her church provides. She loves serving others and has a very caring heart. Natalie has been a blessing to students at LCA and continues to show love to all. She cannot wait to spend her next 3 years at Legcay.

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