A Legacy of Strength

Written by Justis Frazey

There are several elective classes that the student body at Legacy Christian have the option to take. One of the options is a class called strength and performance. It is offered during both fourth and fifth periods. Most of the class happens in the weight room, where the students are on blue and gold days. On Mondays, however, the students show up to Mrs. Pickens’ class, where they listen to an audiobook called Chop Wood and Carry Water, according to sophomore Hayden Ward of the gold day class. While most of the students in the class participate in athletics and use this class as a way to better their ability to perform in their given sport, this class is not limited to athletes, as some people use it as a way to just simply work out. Senior Jim Mo of the gold day class is a prime example of such a person. Freshman athlete Michael Little stated his favorite thing about the class is Mrs. Pickens and the way that she “pushes us to be better.”

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