The teacher who thinks that “English is important but science is importanter”

Written by Taylor Stanek

Mr. Brads teaches Biology, Anatomy, Physics, Environmental Science, Astronomy, and in past years, Robotics. He has been teaching for twenty-four years. Mr. Brads says that “He [God] called me to the ministry of teaching, which I started in 1997.” When asked, Mr. Brads said, “My favorite part of teaching is interacting with students and helping them to figure out new things.”

Mr. Brads’ birthday is October 6. He grew up in Clayton, Ohio with his older brother and younger sister. “As a teenager, I became serious about serving Christ and committed myself to serving him.” He went to college at Wright State University and became a teacher.

He has been married to his wife Sarah for twenty-five years, and they have six children. They are foster parents and are fostering one child right now. “In 2013, He called me and my wife to become foster parents. This has been a very challenging ministry but has brought us great joy as we have followed Christ’s calling.”

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