Interviewing Rachel Gay

Written by Maria Uszynski

Rachel Gay is a returning student to Legacy Christian. She has lived in many different states over the past couple of years. Her family first left Ohio in 2019 because her father is in the military, which means the family has to move around quite often. It hasn’t always been easy for Rachel to move around so much, but she has been able to find new friends and spend time with her family more often. Over her time spent in Ohio, she has been able to help out around at her church, First Baptist of Kettering. Every Sunday Rachel and her mom help with teaching the 2-year olds about Jesus and His significance.

Although Rachel had to leave for a short time, Legacy was so excited to have her and her family back this year. Not only does her whole family enjoy watching basketball, but Rachel has also played for the girls’ varsity team for 3 years. She said that she missed Coach Combs and the team unity the most while she was gone. Although Rachel missed a year of playing with the girls on the team, she enjoys getting to come back and play. We are glad to have her back among us at LCA.

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