Christmas Activities

Written by Nathan Fear

The Christmas season is one that is almost always filled with happiness and love. Although activities such as ultimate frisbee and mowing have come to a halt, there is still a plethora of activities to partake in. Even here in Ohio, we have lots of activities to choose from besides walking around Walmart. One of the most notable festive activities that happens to be local is the Clifton mill’s light show. The light show is constructed around the Mill and around other objects near the mill. Admissions into the light show is 10 dollars per person for anyone 4 and older. The Clifton mill is always a popular option, but this year due to Covid they can only have 25% capacity. So, if long lines are not your thing, do not worry because there are other options for light shows. Another close festive activity is the carillon historical park. They currently have a vast array of lights strung up all over the 65 acre property. Admissions into the park starts at 8 dollars for children 3-17, it is 12 dollars for adults 18-59, and 10 dollars for seniors 60+. These are just two of the many festive activities to participate in in our area. Above all, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy this season and all of the potential memories that could be made.

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