Mya Jones Interview

Written By Maria Uszynski

Mya Jones is a sophomore and has been attending Legacy Christian for 2 years. She is an extroverted and fun student to be around. Mya says that she is looking forward to getting closer to her existing friends and wants to create new friendships as well. Since Mya has been at Legacy, she has grown fond of her English classes. She said it is her favorite because, “I love Mrs. Harmon and she really understands me. So, it’s like a good break from the world even though I don’t like writing papers.”

Mya is also a part of the girls’ varsity basketball team. She has played both of her years at Legacy. She states very often that basketball is her all-time favorite sport to play and hopes to continue playing all the way through high school. One of her goals for this year is to work her way up to getting more playing time. Mya knows she has made progress over the years and wants to be able to expand her ability even more this year. Mya has said that she not only enjoys the game, but she also loves all of her teammates. Her favorite thing about her team is the family atmosphere. She said, “All of us girls are very hard working but we also love to have fun. We are blessed to have a coach that knows how to be serious but also have fun at the same time.” As the year progresses the hope is that the girls will be able to play a full, uninterrupted season.

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