LCA Theatre Opens Again

Written by Payton Burdette

On November 6th, Legacy Christian Academy opened their auditorium doors for the first time since last Fall. Many things were different about this year’s production compared to previous shows.

To start, this year’s seating was very limited due to Covid-19 restrictions. Only around 200 people could attend per night, which is only a quarter of what the room can fit. This meant that people had to reserve a ticket online before coming. This method seemed to be very effective and there is a chance LCA will continue to utilize this method in the future.

Bridge of Blood, the name of the fall production, is a heart-throbbing show. It is the story of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Pete Flemming, Roger Youderian, and their wives as they risk their lives to spread the gospel to an unreached people.

The show was a reader’s theatre, which was a format that was new to all the actors. This did not deter them however, and they used this unique opportunity to improve their acting skills.

Bridge of Blood also served as a fundraiser for the mission’s outreach called Braca. Braca is a Christian organization that brings the gospel to kids in Xenia through Christmas gifts.

The show itself received a lot of praise from people who saw it. Elijah Smith, a LCA senior, stated, “Bridge of Blood was an excellent show with an amazing story. The actors were really able to pull me into the story, and it was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.”

Although the theatre department is done for the fall season, they are hoping to put on a couple more shows throughout the year.

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