Mr. Bryant Survived… Barely

Written By Nathan Fear


Senior trip is the most anticipated event for Seniors, behind graduation, that is. For some seniors, senior trip is the first escape from family and school. For most, it’s just a long-needed break from schoolwork. The paradise for a Senior is three days away from school.

Similar to past years, the seniors went to West Virginia and stayed at Appalachian Bible College. At Appalachian Bible College, there are many great amenities. These amenities include cabins with heat, a dining hall with plenty of food, an awesome view of a pond, and a Dominos willing to deliver.

During the three-day retreat, seniors went white water rafting, had a choice between caving or repelling, and had several hours of free time. At the end of each day, a different teacher would give a devotion to help seniors ask pressing questions about themselves.


Nearly every senior agreed that senior trip was a big success. When asked how Senior trip went, Caleb Moser said, “Pretty well.” Caleb was also asked what his favorite part of the trip was, and he answered, “white water rafting.”Caleb was a part of the repelling group and said that he “quite enjoyed it”. Thomas Walquist, a member of LCA’s soccer team and sound team, said, “I thought it was fun” when he was asked about his thoughts on senior trip. Thomas was a part of the caving group, and his favorite part of the trip was caving.

Most seniors walked away from senior trip with refreshed spirits and some valuable life lessons. It seems that the long-held tradition still proves its worth today.

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