Jason of All Trades

Written By Taylor Stanek

Mr. Jason Harding, the junior high Bible, Pre-Algebra, and History teacher, is beginning his second year of teaching at Legacy. Although it is only his second year with us, he has been teaching for twenty years in total. His favorite part of teaching is “challenging students and seeing them grow, especially when they realize it and get excited.” This year, Mr. Harding has also taken on the position of chapel coordinator and puts together amazing chapels for us.

Mr. Harding’s birthday is March 17, 1979. He grew up in north central, Ohio in a small town called Galion. He lived on a farm with his parents and two brothers. He attended school at Cedarville University. He has been married to his wife Bonnie for sixteen years. When asked about her, he said, “She’s awesome!” Together, they have two children, Josiah, who is fourteen years old, and Eleanor who is three years old.

Fun fact: Mr. Harding loves chips and salsa and “noWalquist’s guac! He could sell that stuff!”

Mr. Harding was saved for real when he was about twelve years old. He said, “I remember really believing at that point and wanting to live right for Jesus.” He prayed at his bedside and has been learning and growing ever since. He loves God’s Word and how He works. “It’s amazing to see when you take the time to watch and pay attention to what He is up to. And the best thing is, He lets us be a part of it. He pursues us and wants us to be a factor in His good work and redemptive plan. Jesus is definitely the best part about me.” Mr. Harding has an extremely strong passion for God, His Word, and teaching it to others. He knows personally what God can do, and he wants nothing more than to pass that on to the students here at Legacy so that we are able to know God and what He has done and will continue to do.

Mr. Harding is looking forward to continuing to teach at Legacy and get to know the students in years to come. He is a favorite of many here at Legacy, and we are lucky to have him as part of the family.

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