Dear Payton

Dear Payton,

How do I successfully become my parent’s favorite child?

Hello currently least favorite child,

What a fantastic question to ask me. As someone who has been their parent’s favorite child for over 17 years (please do not try to confirm that with them), I am the perfect person to answer this question. The one thing I have learned over my years is that the less time you spend with your parents, the more they will like you. The reason for this is because you cannot annoy, frustrate, or irritate your parents if you are never with them. Hope this helps!

Dear Peyton,

Does Lightning McQueen have life insurance or car insurance?

Hello Disney Fanatic,

Image preview

This is going to be the hardest question I have ever had to answer. Here is my theory. As everyone knows, the town that Lightning McQueen lives in is Radiator Springs. As only a few people know, Radiator Springs is a fictional town in Arizona. Therefore, Lightning McQueen lives in the United States of America. In the USA, universal healthcare is not a thing, meaning there is the possibility Mr. McQueen does not have health insurance. HOWEVER, in the USA everyone is legally required to have car insurance. Therefore, why would Lightning McQueen purchase health insurance, if he is already forced by the law to have car insurance. I will tell you why. Car insurance will cover any damage done to one’s vehicle in the event of an accident. However, it does not cover stuff such as oil changes, tire replacements, or other things that could be considered a “checkup.” In the world of health insurance, good insurance pays for checkups (once again in this scenario checkups refer to oil changes, etc.). This means that health insurance does serve at least some purpose in the Cars Universe. Now according to this well researched theory, Mr. Mcqueen only needs health insurance for checkups. So, it would be up to him to figure out whether the cost of health insurance is better or worse than the cost of individual checkups. In conclusion, Lightning McQueen does have car insurance, and possibly has health insurance if it financially suits him best.

Dear Payton, what is your favorite thing about golf?

Dear dedicated fan,

Beating Dayton Christian and Troy Christian every year. (that one time I beat Liz)

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