Chatting with Gabby

Written By Maria Uszynski

Gabby Hager is a new student this year at Legacy Christian. She is so excited to be going to Legacy. Gabby attends First Baptist Church of Kettering and does many things with her church. She loves to attend camps throughout the year and doing service projects with her fellow members. She also is a student worship leader as well as a singer for the worship team. Gabby was previously homeschooled before attending Legacy. She was asked how homeschooling was different from a private Christian school and she had said that its like one big family and that there are many different backgrounds which makes Legacy unique from homeschooling, and that it makes it easier to connect with people.

She is really looking forward to getting things accomplished this year. One thing she is looking forward to is getting into a good friend group and connecting well with them. She expressed her joy for all the young girls who freely welcomed her as close friend. She also wants to have good relationships with the teachers. She was excited to say that she loves the teachers at Legacy and loves the relationships she already has built with them. One of her final goals is to have the thing all students want… a good GPA. She wants to succeed in her academics and hopefully get into a great college.

Gabby went through the pandemic just like we all did, and she learned many new things. One major thing she learned was how to be an extrovert after being an introvert for so long. She learned how to have fun with the little things in life. She also picked up many new hobbies and met many new friends (at a distance of course). Gabby wanted to figure out ways to utilize her extra time, so she spent it with family.

Gabby is a new light to LCA. She has expressed her want to make a change in the school. She said that she wants others to feel comfortable around her and to trust her. Gabby wants to be a positive role model to those around her and encourages others to be that way as well

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