Bonding Over Botany

Written By Abby Harmon

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On October 15th, Legacy Christian students from the class of 2021 and the class of 2033 (our current Kindergarteners) participated in the annual tree planting ceremony. Every year, the Seniors and Kindergarteners come together to plant a tree somewhere on the Legacy campus.

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As a result of this ceremony, Seniors were given the opportunity to connect with the Kindergarten students and be good role models. In addition, this tree represents growth. As the tree grows taller, the Kindergarteners will grow older. In the future, the class of 2033 will be able to look at this tree and be reminded how far they have come.

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Miss Martin, the high school Bible teacher, shared a short story on making good decisions. She encouraged both classes to remember the importance of living life to glorify God. Afterwards, Senior Chaplain, Duncan Clough, prayed for the Kindergarteners who then took turns shoveling dirt around the tree. Seniors also had the chance to write and read encouraging notes to the the little ones. The young students were able to keep these notes so that in the future they can look back on them.

Despite the age difference between these two classes, these students were able to be united in this special annual ceremony. Hopefully, these Kindergarteners will eventually do the same when they become Seniors with the class of 2045.

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