Welcoming Rafael

Rafael Marin is a new student at Legacy Christian. While most new students come from other schools in Ohio, Rafael came all the way from São Paulo, Brazil. Being one of the many foreign exchange students, he has expressed that his stay here so far in America has been good. He enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with his friends. Before attending Legacy, he went to Wilmington High School where he played soccer. Even though transfer rules have kept him from playing this year, he continues to practice daily on his own and sometimes with his old school mates.

Rafael is looking forward to his future outside of high school. He plans on getting a full ride to a D1 college, such as Wright State University in Ohio. He is not sure what he wants to study in college but has shown interest in architecture and engineering. He would like to play soccer all through college. Rafael also has a long-term goal for after high school. He would like to become a professional soccer player. He is not sure what team he would play for but is looking forward to it more and more every day.

Rafael has been away from Brazil for over a year now and misses many things. He misses his family and all his friends, even though he calls his American host family his own and has made new friends here in America. Family and friends aren’t the only things he misses. He also misses his competitive soccer and the beach. He is always talking about the beaches in Brazil and his late-night adventures with his friends in the sand. He says the ones in America aren’t too bad, but the beaches at home are his favorite.

Rafael was asked to compare the schools in Brazil to the ones in America. He said the schools in Brazil were much smaller and there were less classes to choose from. We at LCA are certainly glad to have Rafael with us this year. Welcome Rafael.

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