Spritual Emphasis-Enjoying God Forever

Written By Abby Harmon

Ken Rudolph, a speaker from Lake Anne Camp in Michigan, visited Legacy Christian Academy to speak for Spiritual Emphasis Week, an annual tradition at Legacy Christian. On Tuesday September 8th, Rudolph began in Romans 8:31-37, discussing the power of God’s love, the pursuit of his love, and the perseverance of his love. In the following chapel on Wednesday, he shared a sermon on cleansing our hearts from idols which was based on 1 John 5:21, which says, “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” In the final chapel, he shared three things in which all Christians should rejoice:  our salvation, our sufferings, and the goodness of God.  

During Spiritual Emphasis Week, students had the opportunity to create and design encouraging signs that were placed throughout the school on the hallway walls and along the sidewalks. All teachers and secondary students were also given a sheet of paper where they were able to share prayer requests. These papers were hung on teachers’ classroom doors and students’ lockers, giving everyone the chance to pray for each other.  

Both teachers and students were grateful for the time Mr. Rudolph spent sharing from the word of God. His sermons were both challenging and encouraging, and praying for each other helped everyone bond closer together than before.  

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