She Pulled Some Strings to Get Here

Written by Taylor Stanek

Mrs. Lydia Stout, the fifth and sixth grade, junior high, and high school strings teacher, is the other new staff member here at Legacy Christian Academy. This year is her first year teaching in a school, but she has been teaching private lessons for six years. She has been playing the violin for thirteen years. When asked about her favorite part of teaching, Mrs. Stout answered, “I think my favorite part of teaching is not only watching the students grow and improve on their instruments, but also being able to influence them in other areas of their life.”

Mrs. Stout’s birthday is May 8. She is originally from Ohio, but when she was a baby, her family moved to Detroit, Michigan. They lived in the city for eighteen years. In 2017, her family moved to Kansas, and she came back to Ohio to attend Cedarville University. She spent two summers in Kansas with her family while she was in college. Mrs. Stout graduated from Cedarville in May of this year with her bachelor’s in music. She was married on August 1, 2020, to her husband Zac. They have no pets, but if they could get one, they would get a dog. She and her husband are extremely competitive and love to play strategic board games together.

When asked to give a quick testimony to God’s work in her life, Mrs. Stout began with, “I was blessed to have grown up in a family that loved God and His Word.” At age nine, she came to the realization that her sin was more serious than it seemed. She said, “I realized for the first time that being a Christian was not just about being a good kid and going to church.” She was being shown Scripture that “reminded me of my sin and my need for a Savior.” She asked Jesus to forgive her and to help her live her life for Him. She concluded with, “Christ has become everything to me, and it is only by His grace that I am who I am.”

Mrs. Stout is looking forward to her future here at Legacy. She really enjoys teaching all of her students and watching them grow with their instruments.

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