LCA Drama

Written By Payton Burdette

After an early end to the 2020 Musical Production Cinderella, LCA is back with another theatre production. Bridge of Blood is a true story about Jim Elliot and nine other missionaries who try and spread the gospel to an untouched group of people in Ecuador.

Rather than being the usual school play, Bridge of Blood is a reader’s theater. This means that instead of using props, costumes, and backgrounds, the cast tells the story on a blank stage using nothing but themselves and stools.

Mr. Alexander Shaeffer, the director of this production, is very excited for students to see Bridge of Blood. “Having spoken to some school alumni, I have discovered that this production from seven years ago, and the biblical message it delivered is still fresh in the minds of those who sat in the audience all that time ago. I know the story will have the same impact now that it did then.”

The show has a small cast of only 10 actors, but each of them is excited to tell this story. Sophomore Gabrielle Hager, who has the leading role of Elisabeth, said, “Over sixty years ago, God used the story of Jim Elliot to bring many people to himself and to the mission field. I’m excited to see how he will use it again today. I hope we can do it justice.”

The show’s opening night is Friday, November 6th. Although there is still a lot of work to be done, the cast and crew is excited for what lies ahead.

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