A New Knight Among Us

Written By Maria Uszynski

As we start off a new school year with new beginnings, Legacy has also brought in many new students. All of the new students are scattered from grade to grade, with many wonderful personalities. One of the new juniors is Ashlea Roe. She is a transfer from Yellow Springs High School. Some of the things Ashlea is looking forward to this year are meeting new people and taking new classes.

At Legacy, it is one of the main goals to be welcoming to all new people, students and staff. Coming to a new school can be somewhat intimidating. When coming in, all the students are new and all the teachers are new. Ashlea was asked how she is blending in with others at the school and if she felt welcomed. She responded with, “Really well, I’m meeting new friends, and everyone is really nice.”

It has been a struggle the past couple of months for everyone because of COVID-19. There was the stay-at-home order and then the masks. It’s a very unusual way of living that we all have found a way to live with. Ashlea and her family found a creative way to keep socially distant and COVID safe, over the summer. Her and her family went to over 15 different states. They camped at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and many other national parks around the country.

This year will be a new experience for all students at Legacy, especially for the new students. With the grace of God, we are confident things will run smoothly for all. Ashlea and her younger sister Hailey seem to be having a great time here at Legacy and we are so excited to have them both.

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