The Grand Re-Opening

By Payton Burdette, Feature Writer

On August 13th, Legacy Christian Academy opened their doors for the first time since the Covid-19 shutdown. With over 350 students attending LCA, this was no easy task; however, the faculty and staff were determined to make it happen. Many regulations were put in place to make this re-opening possible.

To start, due to the governor’s mandate, all students must always wear masks except during lunch and authorized breaks. During lunch, students are spaced apart from each other to help maintain distance and are encouraged to eat outside.

The school has been able to utilize its large auditorium during Chapel and Roundtable by keeping two seats between each student. Each classroom contains hand sanitizer for students and Renegade, a strong disinfectant, for the desks, chairs, laptops, and other items that are being shared by students.

The reception to LCA’s reopening has been very positive among the students and teachers. Students are thankful for the ability to have classes in-person rather than online. When asked about in-person versus online schooling, a new student said, “I’d rather be in person because as a new student, I want to be able to talk to everyone face to face. If I was online for my first year, I probably wouldn’t know anyone.”

Another student spoke about how they found in-person schooling better because, “Communication and teaching is so much easier in person.” Students aren’t the only ones who are excited to be back. Teachers are very glad to be back too.

One secondary staff member stated how they prefer in-person learning because they enjoy “having relationships with students, seeing how they’re doing based off body language, and having actual conversations with those at school.”

Legacy Christian Academy was the first school in Greene County to re-open, which garnered much positive media attention. Getting back to in-person learning at LCA was no easy task, but ultimately was one that was well worth doing.

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