Quarantine Antics

By Abby Harmon, Feature Writer

On March 13th, during ESM week, our school was sent home due to COVID-19, not knowing that it would be almost six months before coming back in person. At the time, a group of students was down in Costa Rica, a mission’s trip that had been prepared for many months prior. They, too, were sent home, many days earlier than they had expected.

Over spring break, there were many questions on whether on not we would be coming back. Word finally broke that students and teachers would begin online learning. At the time, it was expected that it would only last a couple weeks, maybe until May.

Even though there were no answers on how long distance learning would last, both students and teachers kept working to teach and learn. Each week, the teachers would video call their students, and students continued their schoolwork through Moodle. This continued throughout April, and then through May, until it was announced that we would not be going back to school in person for that school year.

Studying and doing homework was not the only thing students did during their time at home. Emma Freese says she worked two jobs, one of which was teaching kids swimming lessons. Elijah Smith campaigned for Donald Trump. Emma Hess and her family made TikToks, receiving up to 1,400 views on one video. Nathan Hess and his older brother, Will (LCA Class of 2019), made an intricate ball maze throughout all three of stories of their house (see vidoe link). Three students, Maria Uszynski, Katie Leach, and Kaitlyn Crawford, all shared that they got new puppies during their time in quarantine.

Gus Leach

Although it was hard for some to do online school, everyone got through it. As summer passed, no one had any idea on whether or not we would be able to come back to school in person for the 2020-21 school year. We are thankful for our teachers who persevered through all of the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, and we are determined to remain at school throughout this following school year for as long as we are able.

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