Campus Spruce Up

by Nathan Fear, Feature Writer

Over the summer, LCA made many improvements to our beautiful campus. Improvements can be found in every building, but the most noticeable changes are apparent in the Barnett building, as well as the gym, and library. All these improvements were able to be accomplished with the help of the extra time created by Covid. Because other jobs were cancelled, contractors had extra time in their schedules to help get the work done.

In the Barnett building, there are many improvements, and painting is just one of them. Yes, the paint job looks very nice, but it is only one of three big improvements to building that houses our junior high students. Mrs. Pickens’ science room received a major overhaul. The classroom was combined with the old teacher’s lounge, and a sink was added. Because the old teacher’s lounge was used, a new space was needed. The new teacher’s lounge is now very spacious as it occupies the old superintendent’s office. When interviewing Caleb Moser, a member of the student summer work crew, he said, “The most daunting task” was moving the huge wooden table out of the office; nevertheless, the crew finished the job in a timely manner.

The gym also had work done to it. Both stairwells were completely dry-walled to fix previous damage or exposed brick. This gave the building a big overall cosmetic boost as all the visitors who come to the gym must go through at least a little bit of the stairwell.

Our library is one of the most visited places on our campus whether by students or faculty. Therefore, with some of the extra time granted by the COVID-19 quarantine, it was decided that work should be done to give the library a face lift. When interviewed, Mr. Scheck explained that the library has gotten a redesign with everything from the walls being painted to the layout also being changed to help with spatial needs.

Other improvements can be found all over the campus from the outside to the inside of buildings. The class of 2020’s gift were announcement monitors that can be found in the Lincoln, Barnett, and in the auditorium. The work crew also stripped and waxed the floors. The list of outside improvements includes repaving parking lots, trimming trees, and removing the bus from the student parking lot.

The Re-designed LCA Library

In his closing remarks, Mr. Scheck said that he would like to thank all of the people from volunteers to workers to everyone who has invested to get us to this point of making LCA’s campus even more attractive. The campus improvements were one of the unexpected blessings of the COVID-19 crisis and helps us all remember that God still works even in challenging times.

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