A Return to Play

By Alan Brads and Andrew Riddle, Sports editors

Last Spring sadly brought about the cancellation of just about everything, and high school sports were no exception. As the school year approached, the decision loomed with voices crying out on every side, would there be a fall sports season in 2020? After months of constant communication between The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), the governor, and many other decision makers, it was announced to the public that the state would allow the regular fall season to begin on time. This decision was met with nearly unanimous approval, but fall sports have not looked quite the same this year.       

                Indoor sports capacity has been limited to 15% by the state, while outdoor sports have some looser regulations. For Legacy Christian home events, four spectators are allowed admission into every event for each athlete. Additionally, all spectators and inactive athletes are required to wear face coverings. Although there are unique challenges, the athletes are still glad to be competing. When asked about the restrictions placed on the season, junior soccer player Kevin McEntyre said, “[I’m] honestly thankful we still have a season and have some fans.”

                When asked about the outlook for LCA’s fall sports, Athletic Director Bev Moser stated her gratefulness for the other schools and athletic directors in the Metro Buckeye Conference (MBC) for their continued work to make conference competitions possible. When asked about meetings with those athletic directors she explained “There’s been no friction at all, [They are a] great group of guys to work with, good schools. [They’ve been] very open [and] flexible with decisions.” Thankfully, the teamwork between athletic directors made intraleague play possible. She cleared up some confusion about specific cancellations saying that some larger conferences have chosen to only play games within their conference, but the MBC decided against that due to the relatively small number of schools in the conference.

                Overall, athletes have been happy to be back to competing and parents have been equally glad to watch. Everyone is hopeful that each school does their part to help keep Ohio safe so we can see fall tournaments, and full winter and spring seasons as well.

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