New to the Family

by Taylor Stanek, Feature Writer

This year, Legacy Christian Academy only has a few new faculty members. Miss Elisabeth Martin, who goes by Lisa, is our new high school Bible teacher, and may arguably be the most important addition to the Legacy staff as Bible class is foundational to all areas of study at LCA. Before she came to work at Legacy, she worked for Athletes in Action (AIA) for eleven years. She traveled with them for eighteen years (since 2002) as well, journeying to ten countries: South Africa, Mozambique, Armenia, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Jordan, Guatemala, and Colombia.

Miss Martin’s birthday is October 16. She grew up in the tri-state area, and she lived in Cincinnati but went to school in northern Kentucky. She played basketball in high school and was recruited to play in college for Cedarville University, but God took that away due to an injury. When asked about her testimony, Miss Martin said, “I came to Christ at six years old, but did not always live for Jesus.” She also said, “I really struggled with control, and God decided I needed a wakeup call. He did that through a car accident that should have taken my life, but I ended with just a scratch on my left knee. That night, He led me to Jeremiah 29:11, and from the beginning of that verse, He showed me He was in control of my life. That day I truly surrendered to the Lord’s will for my life and what He wanted for me.”

That is ultimately how God led Miss Martin to Athletic Training, teaching, and ministry. She has been teaching off-and-on for twenty-four years. She taught for five years in Florida and nine years at Cedarville University. The rest of the time she was an Athletic Trainer for AIA, and now she is beginning her first year of teaching at Legacy. She goes to Dayton Avenue Baptist Church where she is on the praise team and will be teaching a women’s Bible study this fall. Miss Martin also fosters children and is preparing to adopt her daughter Haley who is a sixth-grade student here at Legacy.

Fun facts: Miss Martin is six feet tall, but that does not necessarily make her tallest in her family. She is the only girl on both sides of her family, and she is the shortest one. She has performed the National Anthem for hockey and basketball games and even a national track event.

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